Hacash Diamond

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$ 13,343,676
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$ 18,960
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Hacash Diamond (HACD) is the native currency and a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on Hacash layer 1. Each HACD is uniquely composed of six letters inscription, randomly generated from the characters WTYUIAHXVMEKBSZN, resulting in a total of 16,777,216 possible HACDs. The first HACD, featuring the letters "NHMYYM," was mined and generated through a bidding process on May 16, 2019. Similar to Bitcoin, HACD has a finite total supply and is produced through mining. However, a maximum of 58 HACDs can be mined each day, with the mining difficulty continuously increasing. Theoretically, it would take about 800 years to mine all HACDs, but like gold, they have a defined total quantity that can never be fully mined. In terms of currency usage, HACD is primarily utilized for value storage. The production of HACD requires not only mining but also bidding using HAC(Hacash). The completed bids result in the destruction of HAC, thus regulating HAC's supply to maintain its purchasing power stability. In the NFT space, HACD is recognized as the first Proof of Work (PoW) NFT, and daily on-chain auction NFT. It is also referred to as a "visual Bitcoin." Additionally, each HACD can be transformed into different artistic forms based on unique generative art rules, known as PoW generative art, adding to its value as a unique art collectible.